My usual type of shooting. Documentary.

2k (2048x1080)

XAVC 10bit

Graded S-log3

ISO 800

Canon Stills lenses

I feel that these images lack impact. Seem soft, noisy, low contrast. I don’t feel like this would pass for my upcoming tourism NZ shoot.

LHSS18 V2.0 2K

4K/2K 16Bit Raw with R5 recorder

Canon CNE primes

With this style of shooting we could afford to shoot at these high data rates (although the data was still immense)

I would happy shoot this type of image quality any day for a more commercial or branded shoot. But still the file sizes are a problem…

I wonder if my solution is to shoot 4K 12bit 4444?

Coffee Is In Our Blood

2K (2048x1080)


Graded S-log3


Lenses: Canon L Series stills zooms

Makeup with professional

2K (2048x1080)

ISO 800

Lens Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42

Graded S-Log 3

Daniel Nikolaison Cinematography Showreel

Sony F5


Slog3 graded

XAVC 10bit (mostly)