Production Company: Landfall


Director of Photography: Daniel Nikolaison

China On Film - Documentary Series

Director of Photography: Daniel Nikolaison

Editor: Daniel Nikolaison


Iran's Water Crisis

Half hour special

We investigate the race to save Iran's water, before water scarcity dries out entire cities and displaces millions.

Director of Photography - Daniel Nikolaison

EBOLA 2014

Ebola Diary

2 x 1 hr special for Channel News Asia

We follow Singaporean nurse, Wong Li Wai as she travels to Sierra Leone to work with Medicins Sans Frontieres treating ebola patients in the high zone. What unfolds is a portrait of the lives and communities it devastated when a nation went into lockdown and mourning.

Landfall's DoP, Daniel Nikolaison spent one month in Sierra Leone during the height of the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak for this wonderful achievement of observational documentary. Daniel also edited the two part series.

All photographic facilitation, offline and online post production by Landfall. 


Myanmar: Road to Democracy

3 x 1hr special for Channel News Asia. 

A detailed insight into the people, the history, the culture and religion that made for the backdrop of Myanmar's historic 2015 elections. Watch as former political prisoner and Nobel laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi captures the hearts of her country and the attention of the world.  

Landfall's Daniel Nikolaison spent a marathon four months on location in Myanmar as Director of Photography in the lead up to and in the aftermath of the elections.

Landfall facilitated all photography and offline post production in country.

Al Jazeera - The Cure

Landfall has been a main contributor to Al Jazeera's award winning Medical advance series, The Cure since it's conception in 2013. 
We continue to travel the globe, seeking the heroes and the technology of the world of medicine. If you think you have a great story for us to visit, we'd love to hear from you!

Al Jazeera - Earthrise

Since it's first season in 2011 Al Jazeera's award winning series, Earthrise continues to bring stories of environmental innovation and heroics to the world. Landfall is very proud to be a regular producer of its content.

Landfall is always on the lookout for great new stories for Earthrise; stories of environmental frontiers, innovations and heroes. If you think you have a great story for us to visit, we'd love to hear from you.