Landfall is a cross-platform documentary and commercial film production company based in London, UK.  We love our craft, and whatever the scale, whatever the terrain, we bring an intimate and cinematic edge to every film, without shying away from the gritty details. We have ventured far and wide to some spectacular locations and have met some truly inspiring people along the way, all in the name of telling stories that are intellectually stimulating, visually appealing and globally relevant.

Landfall has cut it's teeth in the world of broadcast documentary, but for us, scripted film production is where it all began; We have a growing slate of commercial and editorial work. 



Daniel is an award-winning documentary cinematographer, producer, director and editor and the founder of Landfall Media. Recent work includes Myanmar: Road to Democracy; a three-part documentary special on the historic elections in Myanmar and Ebola Diary; a two-part documentary filmed in Sierra Leone during the height of the 2014 Ebola epidemic. 

Daniel has filmed in more than 30 countries and has particular expertise operating in challenging and hostile environments.

Daniel graduated with a BFA in film-making from Canterbury University School of Fine Arts in 2003 and is now based in London.